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atelier Hiirola Railway Station - renovation - 2014

the renovation of the atelier 2011-2014

the atelier in 2011 - in 2012 - in 2013

The room which is planned to be the atelier became a storage room, but in 2012 there was a start in organizing furniture and creating place for the art supplies.
Very soon it became a mess again, as there was not enough storage place for the material in use for the schools.

the atelier in progress between 2012 and 2014

the atelier in 2012 - in 2013 and during the renovation in 2014
the atelier is finished in 2014 the atelier is finished
south wall of the atelier in 2014
north wall of the atelier in 2014

2014 the atelier is ready, all the art material is organized and the mess has gone. The walls are painted white and the lists under the ceiling are repaired to stop the sand which came was ongoing falling because all the wall paper was taken away. The unlimited number of nails are reduced to be able to paint more or less properly. The ceiling has to be scratched, bus as this is 3.5 meter high I need a platform to stay on it. This I will do later.

the atelier in 2014 - direction east

Behind a piece of chip wood board I found an old door which will connect later the atelier with the library at the other side of the wall. The door is in a good condition and after removing the chip wood at the other side it will be beautiful.

working space under the window in the atelier.

The space under the window is ideal for working because of the light.

storage wall

The door to the kitchen has been removed. It is somehow a pity, it was an old authentic door, but it was forced during the period the building was empty and did not close. When it was open it took a lot of (visual) space from the atelier. I am planning to construct two simple plywood doors to be able to close the room.
To organize all the art supplies, frames, art works, child art and other stuff it was necessary to install over 80 meters of wall shelves. It was like a jig saw, puzzling to be efficient as possible. Finally it was successful. It was even possible to put a sofa in it.

It was a hot summer and during the hottest period I fixed this work, I look forward to start working in it.


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