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Lounas ja Leipä - Kangasniemi - July 1-31 2015

The cozy lunchroom Lounas ja Leipä in Kangasniemi has built a tradition of making exhibitions in their room.
Every month another artist presents her or his works to the people who are having lunch and/or special visit this place for having a view on the art works.
During July 2015 a selection of art works by Marja de Jong is exhibited.
The lunchroom is open weekdays from 10-15 and on Saturday from 10-14.

exhibition lounas ja leipä in kangasniemi 2015

The exhibition contents works from the series:
cats - mono print on paper
square with nude - mono print on paper
Finnish landscape - acrylic on plywood
homage to Knut Nylander - acrylic on cardboard/plywood
Name Paintings - acrylic on cardboard/plywood

exhibition at Lounas ja Leipä in Kangasniemi 2015


article in Länsi-Savo

Article in Länsi-Savo 4.7.2015 by Arja Reinikainen


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