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konstrundan 2017 open studios in Mikkeli - Kangasniemi - Hiirola

The weekend during the KONSTRUNDAN was a wonderful weekend.
In total 58 people were visiting this event.

On Friday many young people were attending the family day and have been painting enthusiastic an own kite.

preparation for the family day

As the weather forecast promised rain the platform at the backside of the railway station has been covered with fabric.
Finally the sun was shining and the weather supported the artistic work of the children.

children working on their own kite

Children were painting outside as well as inside.

painting the kites

Different ages at work during the family day of KONSTRUNDAN at STUDIO 23 in Hiirola.


On Saturday and Sunday the atelier and studio had open doors and even the weather was not so fine on Saturday visitors were interested to come to Hiirola. The STUDIO offered an overview of the art work of Marja de Jong and in the atelier people could see how she is working. The library is a source of for all people interested in art.

STUDIO 23 during open ateliers 2017

The studio presented various work.

visitors attending library, studio and atelier

It was great to have good discussions with the visitors and to see how they enjoy to see the working area of the artist.

visitors in the gallery

Visitors had great attention to the art works.

The participating artists are in the KONSTRUNDAN magazine. Every location has some copies available.

2017 magazine KONSTRUNDAN

konstrundan Hann Vahvaselkä 2017 Konstrundan Heini Kylliänen 2017 konstrundan Kirsimaria Törönen-Ripatti 2017 konstrundan Paula Ruuttunen 2017 konstrundan Marja de Jong 2017 konstrundan Lucien den Arend

Hanna Vahvaselkä

Heini Kylliänen

Kirsimaria Törönen-Ripatti

Paula Ruuttunen

Marja de Jong

Lucien den Arend
POAM sculpture garden

At the website of KONSTRUNDAN there is a description
A PDF file with the text is available by this link

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Mikkeli culture department supports the artists



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