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installation new year west - new year east

Based on the series Singapore and limited printed editions of New Year cards the installation NEW YEAR WEST - NEW YEAR EAST has been installed in STUDIO 23 in Hiirola.

Experiences and impressions during a Chinese New Year in Singapore have resulted in the series Singapore, mono-prints with in the center a religious paper.

installation about new year experiences

During the first period of the exhibition it is combined with Christmas elements.

installation NEW YEAR

The prints are combined with the New Year greetings from the past. The original examples are printed as mono-prints, or as blind pressures.

installation and lights

It is the intention to develop the installation during the month coming and to get an exchange with the light and the seasons.
Finally the light from the East will meet the light of the West.

The installation can be visited on appointment and when the door is open.
You are welcome to experience the mix of Western and Eastern light.





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