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2015 in review

the best wishes for a wonderful 2016

A New Year waiting for unveiling.

Keep it carefully in your hand and handle it with care.

It will bring peace to all.



The annual review are included with some links in the text and/or images. It is possible to get more information about some items through these links. Your curser will show you when there is a link and the text is white.

A flashback at the end of the year is like ending a book that has given nice, exiting, glorious, joyful and sometimes sad moments. It has to be closed and it will be slumber between all previous years.

Begin and end of 2015

2014 ended quite cold and in January 2015 there was more snow than in winter 2014. The summer was strange many days with rain and the temperature was not as it can be expected in Finnish summers. After school holidays the weather started to be warm and sunny and the annual railway day SAVON RADAN päivä on the 3rd of October was a beautiful day. In November there was already 20 cm snow, but that disappeared and there was no white Christmas. The last days of the year were bringing cold weather.
The image left shows the winter in January 2015 and the right picture the snow in November 2015.

2015 started with the NEW YEAR and birthday party on January 17. It was nice to welcome friends and members of AREFS during this winter event.
It was the first time that the atelier could be used for this celebration. It is wonderful to see how the interior has changed in the years after moving into this building. From camping the first winter (2013) to a comfortable live and work space in 2015.

A year brings beautiful moments, but also sad moments are part of it. In autumn I received the message that Henk Verhey a good friend and colleague from the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam has been passed away. It is a tragedy for his children and grant children and for all who have known him. He was an excellent teacher and his characteristic humor fascinated me often. Thinking of him reminds me of the way he has lived his life and what the meaning was for others.

In February my lovely cat Karel passed away after a short and heavy illness. It has made me sad as this cat was very special to me.
There is still one cat alive and she recovered from the loss of her beloved cat-friend after some time.

the cat Karel passed away in 2015
Karel a cat who understands life.

The renovated atelier invited me to day after day. It was a great experience to create the series Hiirola-homage to Knut Nylander. This series is based on the design of the Hiirola railway station by the architect Knut Nylander in 1889. This railway station has 42 copies in whole Finland.

2015 paintings

left some pantings 'under construction' and right some of the copies of the series Hiirola-homage to Knut Nylander.

A second series called 'NAME PAINTINGS' 

2015 name paintings

NAME PAINTINGS, left a part of the process, right a part of the final results (not all finished)

2015 was the third year of living in the railway station of Hiirola. The renovation of the building goes on and step by step it is recovering from its neglect. It is a wonderful building with an interesting history and it is a challenge to develop a new content in and with it. The authentic historical building offers space, ambiance and environment for all kinds of art, culture and community experiences. In 2015 more space has been created for art activities.

a new tools room and archive in Hiirola station

A part of the building has been in use as storage, but it is planned as an archive for the child art collection of the AllaprimA Foundation and AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry. A part of the (not heated) area is separated by a wall and is now the tools room. Siard from Ecotimmer has done a great job in this renovation. Taking care of the authentic details is his strength. It makes the result fitting in an old building like this.
The image shows left the process, in the middle the new tools room and right the beginning of the archive space.

The previous tools room, which was located in the entrance room, has been transformed into a small gallery called STUDIO 23.

Studio 23 in railway station Hiirola

The storage of tools and material has changed and the small room is painted white and covered with a new floor, similar as in the library.

the new gallery at Hiirola station

In September I installed a try-out with my own art works and it was very satisfying to see how the previous dark room has changed into a bright ambiance. As an entrance of the building it is more inviting. The new floor looks good and is easy to maintain.
More activities in the new gallery can be found through this link.

a new floor in the library

The old floor in the library (in the past the waiting room) was terrible and needed a new layer. This summer I made a floor by using plywood as material. The result makes me happy and with a thin layer of insulation it is much warmer than before.

new floor in the library and an open door to the atelier

It was clear that the library has many books and as there was found an old door between the library and the atelier the bookshelves needed to be reconstructed. Now the door is open the whole space at the front side of the railway station is connected and ready for art activities. The old door has a hidden secret, the old ticket sales opening and the original old glasses.
Finally the floor is ready. Next year the floor of the atelier.

The international youth art camp in Wanha Koulu in Vehmaskylä is an interesting experience. International youth come together and have experiences in nature through and language. It is inspiring to develop an art program that challenge young people to discover new fields and explore unknown talents.

2015 international youth art camp Wanha Koulu Vehmaskylä

The railway station in Haukivuori, where I lived in 2012 has got new owners. In July, with de summer cottage market in the village of Haukivuori we organized open doors in the station and many persons were visiting the building during this event.

the railway station in Haukivuori has new owners

The railway station in Haukivuori in summer 2015

In May the art education symposium NATURALLY ART took place. A group of very interestested and nice teachers from Portugal articipated in it through the Erasmus + program. A part of the program took place at the school in Rämälä where children from the 1st and 2nd class were practicing their artistic skills. With Riitta Moisander we discussed about the meaning of art and culture and how it works in the education of children. At Hiirola station ideas about a structural program in art education were examined. A practical workshop about mono printing showed the basic idea of the art process.
A special blog has been published on the web. The blog is in Portuguese, but there are many interesting pictures on it.

2015 art education symposium naturally art

Art education symposium NATURALLY ART.

2015 name paintings by class 1 and 2 Rämälä school

Some of the final results of the art workshops during the art education symposium NATURALLY ART at Rämälä school.

In September the school in Rämälä participated in the preparation for the annual SAVON-RADAN päivä. The children were painting train wagons on pieces of plywood. The long train has been exhibit in the yard of the Hiirola railway station on October 3rd.

2015 children painted a long train

Painting a train wagon on two sides of a piece of plywood.

In autumn it is important to prepare for the coming winter. The new wood storage makes it possible to store more wood for winter and it gives good feelings to see that heating will be successful.
In autumn the annual SAVON-RADAN päivä is a sign summer is really over and the dark days are coming. To prepare the yard and surroundings Hiirolan Kylätoimikunta mowed the grass and that looks perfect.

woodstore and grass mowing at hiirola railway station

On Saturday October 3rd people came from all directions by car, train and other transport to Hiirola to visit the station and see what is going on on this place. This year the building was open and the new gallery STUDIO 23 has its first exhibition 'PREMIERE'.

2015 savon-radan päivä

SAVON-RADAN päivä, the train stops at Haukivuori, Kalvitsa, Hiirola, Mikkeli and Otava.

Several visitors from abroad have visited my home and it was good to meet my brother Hans and his son Pieter, my friends Clazien,  Sylvia and her sister Liedeke,  and Mariëtte. They all made the year for me very special.
Friends from Finland popped in as often as they could and it is always nice and warm.

The last part of the year was quiet, the weather was grey and the end was dark without snow.

2014 train wagon in the yard of Hiirola railway station

On December 27 in YLE uutiset the train wagon in the yard of Hiirola railway station has illustrated an article by Juho Liukkonen about the policy of VR the old train wagons concerning.

Looking forward to a continuation in 2016.

The activities at Hiirola railway station are in cooperation with AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry and SAVON-RADAN ryhmä.
The 2015-in-review of AREFS can be found by this link.

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