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2016 in review

2017 new year

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right: colored square - 2016
blind printing

coloured square blind printing


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The year has ended and a review gives the possibility to collect what has happened and what is important to share with people interested in what is going on in and around the old railway station of Hiirola and with my self living in this station.

2016 is the fourth year of living in this beautiful railway station. It is fantastic to be able to renovate step by step the building and to experience a better comfort inside and outside. The building offers great opportunities for working, living and creating an artistic ambiance. There is a lot to do and it will never end, but I am satisfied with the results as they are now.

highlights 2016

Celebrating my birthday at the beginning of January is the first party of the year. This year it was combined with the exhibition ELÄMÄ ON MUKAVAA with drawings by Marjaana Valve.

This year it was possible to add an outdoor workspace at the backside of the building. Through this space it is possible to work outside and to organize all kind of activities.
The atelier has got a new floor which makes the space warmer and more comfortable.

The art education program ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE at the school in Rämälä has been a great pleasure and it is wonderful to see how these pupils have developed their artistic skills during the years.
Art workshops during art camps are part of the program ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE and are challenging to look for new directions in art with children.

This year I visited the Netherlands, after four and a half year. It was a lovely trip going around a part of the Netherlands:
Schiphol-Nijmegen-Grave-Zundert-Breda-Rijsoord-Zwijndrecht-Wageningen-Grave-Hillegom-Westkapelle- Biggekerke-Westkapelle-Vlissingen-Dordrecht-Rijsoord-H.I.Ambacht-Rotterdam-H.I.Ambacht-Rijsoord-H.I.Ambacht-Rotterdam-H.I.Ambacht-Rijsoord-Barendrecht-Rotterdam-Den Haag-Barendrecht-Rijsoord-Barendrecht-Rotterdam-Utrecht-Ede Wageningen-Renkum-Wageningen-Zwolle-Lelystad-Urk-Lelystad-Amsterdam-Lelystad-Schiphol

Gallery STUDIO 23 is developing an own program for art presentations and takes part in a cultural circle in Mikkeli region. With the KONSTRUNDAN a new event has successfully popped up

The annual railway day SAVON-RADAN päivä has taken place on October 1st and was very successful. It is so nice to see so many peoples who are interested in this old station and in the museum train.


The first and second class (7-9 years old) have been painting about their own history. Based on images from a period they cannot have a real memory they visualized how it could have been.

art workshops class 1-2 Rämälä school

paintings I was a baby Essi - Senja - Vane - Johanna - Kerttu

The third and fourth class got the assignment to look for images about their parents or grandparents. The lives of these relatives are connected with their own lives, but their was a period they did not excist and that belongs to their narrations, told by parents and grandparents. The paintings

art workshop clas 3-4 Rämälä school

paintings my parents/grandparents Julia - Saana - Vili - Alisa - Niko

The fifth class has painted about how people were living in the past. To imagine how it was without the modern facilities and isolated villages is difficult for children. Their references are coloring the past. It will be interesting to continue with this group in 2017.

art workshop class 5 Rämälä school

paintings living in the past Annika - Arttu - Linda - Marikki -


This year it was possible to add an outside workspace to the building. This platform fills the corner at the backside and can be used as a place to work, to have meetings and to enjoy the view on the yard.

new outdoor workspace

The tables are strong, heavy and stable and useful for different purposes. The shadow on the grass has already inspired me to make series of sketches.

outdoor workspace in use

In summer I put a new layer of wood on the floor of the atelier. The old layer was in a bad condition and I needed something that was more insolating the cold from under the floor. Now the floor is the same as in the library and gallery . It looks very good, I am very satisfied.

new floor atelier


art camp

It is inspiring to work as much as possible outside. It gives another view on the artistic process by using the space and the facilities of the available nature. Art is a way to enter the world from different directions and to use different perspectives in expressing a topic.

art camp

Different techniques and different materials have been used to express the observations and to make connections between different points of view.


The gallery is a nice place to show art works and to meet people interested in art.
My own work can be showed and that makes it easier to reflect on my own work and to make different presentations.

exhibition studio23


konstrundan hiirola

It was the first time that artists from Mikkeli region have participated in this national event. During the first weekend in September all over Finland ateliers and studios are open for the public.

konstrundan hiirola


In September I visited the Netherlands and it was lovely to meet so many of my relations and friends and to visit places which have a meaning for me.


The wedding of Willemien and René was one of the most impressive moments during this stay. The joy and the happiness of these two humans has touched me a lot.

meeting friends

At the place of Barbara I met several friends and relations in a cozy ambiance. My aunt Bea (sister of my mother) has been part of this wonderful event. 


The journey took me several times to my hometown Rotterdam. It was impressive to enter this city over the river.

my art

Visiting different places I met friends and family, but also my own art works. It was a pleasure to see them in good condition. 

landscapes the netherlands

In Renkum I was in time to see the airborne, I have never seen it before. The view from the hills over the valley of the river has relations with old memories, the harbor of Urk is a typical Dutch image that shows you are in the Netherlands.

My stay in the Netherlands was a great experience and to meet all my family, friends and old neighbors was wonderful. I think next time it will not take four and a half year to be back. 


Savon-Radan päivä

The annual railway day is appreciated by a large audience. Local, regional and even national people are interested in what is offered on this event. The museum train stops at different stations and at these stations different attractions are available. At Hiirola station the local Hiirolan Kylätoimikunta has a stand with coffee and snacks and some locals were offering their products. The wool factory is open and the station can be visited. STUDIO 23 exhibited the results of ART STEPS FROM PAST TO FUTURE the art workshops at the school in Rämälä. With about 150 visitors it is clear this event is an important presentation of the village.


The outdoor workspace has inspired me to start with a series of paintings after the shadows on the yard. The movement of the shadow is part of different paintings.

atelier in use

I printed a series of blind printings as present for visitors and to send them as New Year greetings.

own art

The shadow in the yard creates its own shape during the morning hours.  -after shadows in the yard - acrylic paint on masonite - 50x60 cm - 2016


In 2016 I edited 2 publications

Hiirola homage to Knut Nylander volgende station Hiirola

Hiirola homage to Knut Nylander
42 paintings about the design of the railway station

volgende station Hiirola
an overview of the reconstruction of the old railway station of Hiirola



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