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painting Hiirola railway station


frontside of the old railwaystation in Hiirola 2015 backside of the railway station in Hiirola

summer 2017 frontside

spring 2015  backside (image Liedeke Härschnitz)

Living in the old railway station in Hiirola since the end of 2012 and working on different important.

Below the metamorphose from a neglected building into a fresh and bright shining railway station.


the old railway station has been painted many years ago and needs a new layer of paint

It was over 30 years ago that the building has been painted, in 2017 it was possible to start with an important image changing of the old railway station.


The old painted has to be washed of the building.

Before it is possible to put a new layer on the wooden surface the old paint and dirt has to be washed from it. A high pressure machine is a helping hand to do it secure.


The painting layer comes after the walls have been dry enough.

Thinking about the color some samples were painted on the wall. The dark one is an traditional color, but to get the building more bright the light one fits better.
Spraying the paint on the wall gives a good result.


The first layer is done.

After the first layer is painted I started with the details in light gray. I can paint as high as my arm including a brush reaches. It looks strange, but in spring the rest will be done.


 happy to be able to protect this historic building.


The building is washed and painted by Vilimix, Kangasniemi



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