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New Year 2019

At the end of 2018 it is time to start planning the activities for 2019.

First I send all of you my best wishes for every day of the year coming. We all can contribute to a society in which there is a good place for everybody.

In 2019 the main event will be along the railway track Savon-Rata from Kuovola to Kuopio. This Savon-Rata will celebrate its 130st anniversary. On the first Saturday of October different railway stations will take part in this celebration.

The Hiirola station is one of the places where people can enjoy the new content of an old building.

It will be a great experience to see how a new generation of owners/users of these characteristic buildings have renewed and renovated them.
Thanks to all who love these places!

The renovation of the building in Hiirola continues in 2019 with new doors, finishing the outside painting layers and the veranda at the backside.

My own art work goes on and working on small sized paintings  is enjoying me a lot. After about 100 pieces in 2018 , new ideas for more are coming up.
The gallery is open during summer and special days and events in the year.


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