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My warm and best wishes for a great 2013.

For me 2012 has been a year of transition, between closing and new perspectives.

In spring it is the intention to organize a 'talkoo' (through voluntary work) to  organize the yard and start painting the outside walls of the building. It would be great to get enthusiastic people to help me with this huge work.


Below a review of 2012 with small images to get an impression of this year.

  Haukivuori railway station - Haukivuori rautaieasema - living room

My stay in the railway station of Haukivuori was like a retreat period after the difficulties in 2011. Thanks to Tapani Manner and Sylvia Härschnitz it was possible to 'reset' my mind on a comfortable place. This period has given me the strength to look forward and to concentrate on new subjects.

  Mikkeli art museum exhibition regional artists 2012

At the station I finished my 2nd series 'Saksala on the Rock' again 49 small paintings about the building on Saksalanharju. In February 2012 this series has been part of an exhibition in Mikkeli Art Museum and a publication about regional artists.

  This is our nature - editing the book - 2012

During this stay an important work was composing and editing the book THIS IS OUR NATURE. It has taken several months to collect the information and to edit this all into an interesting publication. Thanks to Ilse van den Berk, Lucien den Arend and Marjo Heikkinen-den Arend the content of the book has become an excellent quality.

The art works of 38 artists, and over 100 children are published in this document of rural living.


  birthday party Marja de Jong in Villa Augustus Dordrecht

My visit in April to the Netherlands and the birthday party in Villa Augustus in Dordrecht have enjoyed me very much. It was great to meet my friends and to be with my family. One day I will do it again.

  Hiirola railway station - Hiirola rautatieasema 2011

The year 2012 has been important for my future living place. The old railway station of Hiirola (1886) has to be prepared into a more or less comfortable home. The building was empty for decades and to renovate a very small budget is available.

Like Sleeping Beauty the building was hidden between the bushes and trees.

  Hiirola railway station - Hiirola rautatieasema - 2012

Cutting trees and open the area created another view. The station is a real beauty, even a lot has to be done it shows a good and elegant shape.

The roof is cleaned from moss and some parts are already rebuilt as they were rotten. It is waiting for next spring how many leaks are left. Hopefully the books will stay dry coming spring.

  rautatieasema Hiirola - 2012

I moved in in October 2012 and the first part of the winter (December 2012) has given lots of snow and fairylike surrounding.

There is electricity, water and a biologic toilet system. The heating is done by 5 ovens, so my physical exercise is guaranteed. The wood pieces are only 30 cm instead of 1 meter as in the art center and I need only 1 m³ per week instead of 1-2 m³ per day.

  Hiirola railway station - living room

Inside the building an optimistic attitude is strongly recommend. Until November there was no water available, so cleaning was no option. My remedy against it consisted of demolishing and painting.

The images above show from the same perspective in three steps a part of my new living-bed-dining room (20 m²). So it is possible to make a cozy space out of almost nothing.

  Hiirola railway station - living and bed room

My living area is comfortable and warm, the cats are at home and I like the atmosphere.

  Hiirola railway station - atelier in progress

The atelier is still 'under construction' and in winter it is not inviting to work there. I heat on a low base to save the wood. Still the mess from the beginning is already organized into some kind of plan.

  Hiirola railway station - AllaprimA library

The AllaprimA library started from a mess into a clear and warm and inviting room. There are two ovens, because long, long time ago this room was dived into two rooms.

After the trains were not longer stopping in Hiirola this room was transformed into a post office. In the 90-s this also ended and the whole building was closed.

  Hiirolan rautatieasema - AllaprimA kirjasto

Sitting behind the computer I can follow the trains.

  rautatieasema Hiirola - syyskuu 2012

Every year in autumn there is a day on which an old train drives between Mikkeli and Pieksämäki. It stops at all former stations and also at Hiirola. Two ladies were waiting for the train.

  Hiirola railway station - Christmas daecorations

Christmas 2012 was quiet and calm. The Christmas decoration has been arranged in a different way.

  Hiirola railway station December 2012 - Happy New Year

December was cold and my traditional visit to the cemetery of Haukivuori to burn candles on Christmas eve was not possible. I burned them in front of the station. This tradition is based on burning candles for all friends and relations who have died. I do remember and remind them all in love.

  Hiirola railway station - the kitchen in progress

2013 has started with the renovation of the kitchen and that is a challenging job. All the walls and ceiling are covered with chipboard which creates a sterile atmosphere. Partly these walls will be 'uncovered' and painted.
Decades ago they built some small cabins in this room for a toilet and technical use. These cabins are on the list to be taken away.

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