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Map Hiirola station 1889 by Knut Nylander
plan 1889 - Knut Nylander
image: National Archives of Finland - Kansallisarkisto Helsinki

Hiirola Railway Station is built in 1889 and belongs to the series after the basic drawing by the railway architect Knut Nylander.

changes Hiirola railway station

1: 1889 - 2. 1952 - 3. 1980 - 4. 1987
images: National Archives of Finland - Kansallisarkisto Helsinki

In 1934 they planned an extra room at the backside of the station. Other changes and adjustments were necessary due to the changing needs in the railway system.
It is a great challenge to live a characteristic old building like this and to start with a renovation from inside to make it livable and useful for different purposes.

My first winter in Hiirola station has given me time to feel at home in my new accommodation.
During this quiet period I was able to make some room somewhat habitable and comfortable and to think about the renovation of the kitchen and shower area.
In spring it was possible to start with building the shower, different water taps, drain and warm water system.
The kitchen and shower are finished and in use. 
Most of the work I did, but luckily it was possible to get the help of the artist/carpenter Siard for shower, sink, drain and water pipes. With his help and knowledge of old buildings this part of the renovation was very successful.

Below a review of winter and spring 2012 with small images to get an impression of this process.
Click on it and a larger one will open. Enjoy the transforming of an old railway station into a new home.

In 1987 they have built some small rooms in the 'kitchen' with toilet and technical facilities. In the left-over they installed a kitchenette.


During May and June these small rooms were demolished, to be able to create a useful kitchen and living space.

With used material and furniture the room is transformed into an inviting area.


The shower is planned in the former entrance at the backside. With simple means the corridor is transformed into a practical space.

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